There are no paths, there is no limit. LIGHTFIELD the hyperfuturistic, omnidirectional racing game is coming to PS4 and XB1.

Vienna, Austria, 21.2.2017 – The hyperfuture will be wild, colorful and full of glowing light trails. It will spin you in every direction and challenge your sense of speed and space.

Watch the new console reveal trailer here:

The hyperfuturistic racing game LIGHTFIELD is a crossover between classical arcade racing and free flying. What’s special about the game though is that there are no predefined roads, no invisible walls or guide rails. This freedom comes in combination with the ability to anytime attach your ship to any nearby surface by the press of a button. It’s like wall running with a spaceship, like a hyperfuturistic and omnidirectional version of parkour where you can turn any surface into your race track, effectively spinning the whole world around you.

The race tracks and environments start out fairly familiar but are getting more and more complex as you progress through the game. The tracks continually challenge players to find their own paths through the winding tracks and to perfect them for both speed and style.


LIGHTFIELD will offer seven different tracks in four environments with their own distinctive and characteristic level architecture and track geometry. The game features the classic game modes of time trial and races, local splitscreen and online multiplayer, and also invites players to explore the worlds beyond the limits of the race track.

Escape into the aesthetics of the colorful environments and lose yourself in the driving IDM sound track from Viennese musician Zanshin. Play on your own, online or with friends on your couch. There are no paths, there is no limit.

The game will launch simultaneously on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in early summer 2017.

Meet the developers at the Indie MEGABOOTH and the MIX

LIGHTFIELD will be shown at the Indie MEGABOOTH and “the MIX” at this year’s GDC in San Francisco. We invite everyone to drop by and try the game. For more in-depth conversations and all inquiries including preview builds and meeting requests please reach out to

About Lost in the Garden

Lost in the Garden is a small indie studio from Vienna, Austria. Their debut title LIGHTFIELD is the indie dream becoming a reality for the 4 person team, who have worked on large and small 3D, VFX, game projects and prototypes before working on LIGHTFIELD. The game started out as a weekend prototype some three years ago and has over the last year grown into a fully featured console release.

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