Lost in the Garden GmbH
Based in Vienna, Austria

Release date:
Sept. 26th, 2017

PlayStation 4
Xbox One


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USD19.99 (MSRP)
EUR19,99 (MSRP)
GBP15.99 (MSRP)


Lightfield HYPER Edition is a creative exploration racer, in which you discover futuristic racing tracks and leave the boundaries behind in parkour-inspired precision racing. Lightfield encourages players to utilise every aspect of their surroundings as they master their anti-gravity spaceships, scaling walls, sci-fi skyscrapers, ceilings and more to find the perfect racing line. Explore the worlds beyond the track boundaries and lose yourself in the aesthetics of the striking environments, abstract architecture and futuristic soundscapes of the hard-hitting electronic soundtrack by Zanshin. The new HYPER Edition features solo play, online multiplayer and a couch split-screen mode. Moreover, it features a host of new content, from new a new campaign to an all-new trick system, a photo mode and stunning visuals.


It all started as a weekend prototype back in 2014. We set out to make a racing game inspired by Slipstream 5000. We enjoyed working on it and saw some potential, thus we continued to work on it on weekends and in our spare time. In late 2014 we entered it into two local competitions to be a finalist in one and to be a winner in the other. Having had the concept validated by the outcome of the two contests, we spent 2 months of full time work to finish a more decent prototype of the game and to refine the core mechanic. At this point the prototype already closely resembles the current game. We used this prototype to collect a lot of feedback and it was also the basis of our project funding application at the Vienna Business Agency, which was approved in fall 2015. With the funding approved we had everything to turn this little weekend project into a full blown console game release. We had a fabulous team, a nice office and a chrome-finished coffee machine. All that was left then was to found our own studio, Lost in the Garden, and to finish the game. On September 26, 2017 the game was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is now coming to Steam in the extended HYPER Edition.


  • EXPLORE, SPIN, SOAR: Utilise your anti-gravity ship to traverse any surface you see as you seek the perfect racing line
  • A RACE LIKE NO OTHER: Combine thoughtful track exploration with skillful tricks and smooth cruising as you cruise through your hyper-futuristic surrounds
  • TAKE IT ALL IN: Let the stunning sci-fi aesthetics wash over you as you drift through abstract architecture in your race to the top
  • DIFFERENT GAME MODES: Choose from three hypnotic game modes: campaign, multiplayer and the photo mode
  • MULTIPLAYER: Compete in online 6 player races or play in local multiplayer splitscreen for up to 4 players
  • SINK INTO THE SOUNDS: Tune in to the dreamlike beats of the soundtrack carefully crafted by Viennese electronic musician Zanshin
  • NEW HYPER EDITION FEATURES: Packed full of new content, from new campaign and competitive local multiplayer modes to an all-new trick system and stunning visuals.


Lightfield HYPER Edition Announcement  YouTube

LIGHTFIELD Official Trailer  YouTube

LIGHTFIELD platform reveal PS4 XB1  YouTube

LIGHTFIELD 5 minutes of omnidirectional gameplay  YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Indie Price, Winner Best Multiplayer" - Casual Connect, Berlin 2017
  • "The MIX, official selection" - GDC, San Francisco 2017
  • "Indie MEGABOOTH, official selection" - GDC, San Francisco 2017
  • "ZIT content pitch, winner" - Vienna, Austria, 2014
  • "SUBOTRON Live Pitch, finalist" - Vienna, Austria, 20 October, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "Lightfield is a very unique racing experience that you can't find anywhere else."
    - Franz Aebischer, Keen Gamer
  • "Racing games don't always have to be about who's the most skilled. Sometimes they can favor the most clever."
    - Brett Makedonski, Destructoid
  • "Lightfield is more than a Wipeout-style throwback"
    - Graham Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "... a unique take on the racing genre, incorporating parkour mechanics with vehicles in a clever and satisfying way."
    - Kirstin Swalley, Hardcoregamer
  • "... will shake up a racing subgenre or two"
    - Will Cruz, Trueachievements/Truetrophies
  • "A tremendously additicve game"
    - Pedro Cano, IGN Spain

This project was created with development funding from Vienna Business Agency
Vienna Business Agency viennabusinessagency.at.

About Lost in the Garden GmbH

We are an independent games studio in Vienna, Austria. In September 2017 we released our debut title "LIGHTFIELD" on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and are currently working on the extendd "HYPER Edition" to be released on Steam as well as consoles in Q2/18.

More information
More information on Lost in the Garden GmbH, our logo & relevant media are available here.

Lightfield HYPER Edition Credits

Matthias Maschek
Development, Technology

Julia Murczek
Level Design, Technical Art, Production

Raimund Schumacher
Creative Director

Simon Wallner
Game Design

Sound Design and Music






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