Lightfield launches onto PS4 and Xbox One today

Viennese developer Lost In The Garden is releasing its hyper-futuristic racing game Lightfield today on PS4 and Xbox One for 19,99 USD / 19,99 EUR / 15,99 GBP.

Watch the official launch trailer here:

Lightfield is a hyper-futuristic racing game with a special parkour twist. Players can drive on any surface including walls, tunnels and sci-fi architecture to piece together the fastest racing line. Only by mastering their anti-gravity spaceship and finding the best omnidirectional route can players race to the top.


In addition, the game features three single player modes (classic race, exploration and time trial) as well as both online and local multiplayer for up to four players, and sets the right racing mood with abstract futuristic visuals and electronic music by Viennese musician Zanshin, available to download and coming to vinyl and all major streaming services as well as online stores soon.

“It’s great to see that the futuristic racing game genre is finally having a renaissance in the current console generation.”, says Simon Wallner, Co-Founder of Lost in the Garden. “With Lightfield we want to bring the genre forward and offer players the sense of freedom and opportunity for creativity that has come to define modern games. We hope they will enjoy the challenge of piecing together their own tracks on the multilayered racing courses as much as we do.”

LIGHTFIELD OST Vinyl preorder and digital download:

You can find assets and more info in out presskit.