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Lost in the Garden is focused on creating exciting interactive solutions. Collectively, we share a strong technological and artistic background having worked in interactive entertainment as well as visual effects and advertisement.

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Lightfield is a hyper-futuristic racing game with a parkour twist. It was released on PS4 and XBox One in September 2017.

Drive on any surface including walls, tunnels and sci-fi architecture to piece together the fastest racing line. Only by mastering your anti-gravity spaceship and finding the best omnidirectional route can you race to the top.


Electric Motor Lab

Electric Motor Laboratory is a demo project to showcase a rich, interactive 3D experience directly in common, modern webbrowsers.

Interactivity greatly increases immersion and receptivity.

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Bewusst.sicher.zuhause is a mobile game for KFV about accident prevention. Want to know how to make your home safe for children and elderly people?

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Play Austria

We were responsible for branding Austria's first fair about the local game development scene with appropriate game visuals.

The result is a fictional game taking place in a fictional Austrian landscape full of characteristic objects and game characters.

our clients
Matthias Maschek
Developement, Technology, CFO
Julia Murczek
Technical Art, Production, CEO
Raimund Schumacher
Art, Creative Director
Simon Wallner
Game Design, Marketing + PR, CEO

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