Lost in the Garden is an
independent games studio
based in Vienna / Austria.

We are a bunch of
programmers and artists
working on projects
that excite us.

LIGHTFIELD (formerly known as
'beyond 35000') is our first
project to be released in 2017.

Take part in an interplanetary,
omnidirectional race event
where there is no up and down
but only forward!

LIGHTFIELD features soundeffects
and a soundtrack by IDM artist ZANSHIN
(facebook, sound cloud, bandcamp)

possible by the
Vienna Business Agency.


Matthias Maschek
Technology, Development

Julia Murczek
Level Design, Production, CEO

Raimund Schumacher
Creative Director

Simon Wallner
Game Design, Biz & PR, CEO

Please note that we are not hiring at the moment, but feel free to send us your portfolios anyways.

Lost in the Garden GmbH
Gartengasse 28/12A
1050 Wien, Austria


FN 446783i
Gerichtsstand: Handelsgericht Wien

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